Downeast Public Health Council

Serving Hancock and Washington Counties, Maine


Downeast Public Health Council

The Maine Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (MaineCDC) has designated Hancock and Washington County as a Public Health District. The Downeast Public Health Council is an advisory body that assists in planning and promoting public health initiatives.

Executive Committee


  • Alfred J. May, Jr., MPH
    Public Health Liaison
    Downeast Public Health District
    Division of Public Health Operations
    (207) 255-2017 /


Members of the Downeast Public Health Council represent organizations engaged in health, safety, education, social services and community transformation. They help to guide public health policies and programs. If you are interested in becoming a member, complete the Membership Application Form  by one of the means below.

Member Orientation Materials

Guiding Documents

Agenda and Minutes


Month Agenda Minutes
January 27 DEPHC Agenda Minutes
February 24 Executive Comm Agenda Minutes
March 24 DEPHC Agenda Minutes
April 28 Executive Comm Agenda Minutes
May 26 DEPHC Agenda Minutes
June 30 Executive Comm Agenda
2016 PHIP
2016 Bylaws
2014 Project Plan
2014 Action Plan
No Minutes
July 28 DEPHC Agenda Minutes
August 25 Executive Comm Agenda Minutes
September 22 DEPHC  Agenda Minutes
October 27 Executive Comm  Agenda ***
November 17 DEPHC  Agenda Minutes
December 15 Executive Comm  Agenda ***


Month Agenda Minutes
January 26 DEPHC Agenda ***
February 16 Executive Committee Agenda ***
March 16 DEPHC Agenda

Infectious Disease Report

April 20 Executive Committee *** ***
May 18 DEPHC *** ***
June 15 Executive Committee *** ***
July 20 DEPHC *** ***
August 17 Executive Committee *** ***
September 21 DEPHC *** ***

Statewide Coordinating Committee

Quarterly Meeting Information

Please go to website for full coverage of SCC meetings LINK To WEBSITE


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